Pros and Cons of Wood Gutters

Pros and Cons of Wood Gutters

An older kind of gutter system is wood gutters. These are installed on roofs to be able to direct water away from the home and carry it into the downspout. Then the water travels away from the building and could be absorbed into the ground. Wood gutters were common on early homes. Advancements in technology have changed these drainage systems to be made with more effective gutter materials such as metal and plastic.

Wood gutters need more maintenance and upkeep compared to the other products on the market these days. Wood gutters are prone to rot from the water, they could drain a lot slower and if not installed and maintained properly, they can sag and even fall down. Usually, homeowners limit utilizing wood gutters to houses that are old where they might want to keep an authentic, original, hand-built appearance.

Wood gutters have an advantage of giving off an unimposing appearance. They can create a charming, and quaint image. This appearance normally works well when the homeowner wants to keep the traditional design alive and some make use of the wood gutters when recreating historic or older homes. As they blend into the house naturally, some prefer the wood gutter look since it does not stand out similar to metal and vinyl gutters tend to do when paired with a rustic or country themed architectural style.

Even though they appear quite nice, wood gutters have many disadvantages. Since wood is heavy and just becomes heavier when wet, proper installation and constant maintenance is essential to make certain that the gutters do not come loose. Sealing making use of a coat of paint or a primer is considered necessary at least once a year in order to slow down the rotting process.

Cleaning out the gutters would likewise prevent debris and leaves to buildup that can gather and trap water. The wood gutters’ rough surface can make the water run much slower through them as opposed to a smooth metal texture. Therefore, the gutters, would require extra cleaning in order to make certain that they work right.

Those homeowners wishing to install wood gutters will first have to look for a dependable installer who can place the gutter system on the roof. Homeowners must definitely consider the time and cost of maintenance considered necessary to keep wood gutters functioning optimally. If the homeowner decides that wood is not the most suitable material, they could choose a dark colored metal choice in order to blend in with most of the house and the wood.