How Much Should an Engagement Ring Cost?

As I am certain you’ve discovered, the old adage informs an engagement ring should cost approximately the equivalent of two weeks’ salary.

The latest statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that works out to about $6,400, normally.

But a current GOBankingRates poll of 5,000 adults suggests that popular opinion regarding how far an engagement ring should cost reflects a stark contrast with truth.

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Just 7 percent of respondents believed that the national average cost of $5,978 has been the ideal price tag.

So, how can you determine how much to invest in your engagement ring?
Discover how much it costs to guarantee a ring, also.

Begin with choosing among these four approaches:

This really is the most frequent approach, according to The Knot’s poll.45 percent of engaging brides and grooms stated they put a budget and adhered into it. Another 29% establish a budget, but surpassed it, while 10% more put one, but remained below the allotted quantity.

Combined, that means 83 percent of couples moved to the engagement ring buying experience with a budget in mind.

The drawback to this approach?

If you place a particular budget before going into take a look at any rings, then you can realize that your budget will leave you (or your own fiancée-to-be) frustrated.

Rather than budget first, ring instant, you can …
Ring Shop, Then Save

Particularly if this is the first significant jewellery purchase, you might end up having a more pleasing result if you decide precisely what parameters that your ring has to meet to meet your expectations before deciding on a hard-and-fast budget.

Create a date of it and also do a little ring searching together. After all, 66 percent of brides-to-be take part in the engagement ring buying procedure, again in line with the Knot.

If you are prepared to stick out that the pre-engaged stage for just a little while, choosing your fantasy ring and then saving up to cover this straight-up is a fantastic alternative.
Finance Your Form Purchase

Already have a fantasy ring in your mind? One which does not really match your cash flow?

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If waiting to get engaged is not a choice, or at least is not a preferable choice, there is always funding.

Just remember that whatever debt you take on pre-marriage will accompany you both into your married years, even once you’re very likely to collect more debt from extra large purchases.

Money Under 30 includes a wonderful guide to funding an engagement ring.

Perhaps you’ve got a specific sort of ring in your mind, it will not match your current budget, however finances does not interest you either.

Think about choosing a less expensive ring today, with a strategy to update a couple of years in the future.

Many anglers have trade-in programs that enable you to purchase a new bit for up to double the worth of the thing you are investing in. If you are not too sentimental about the specific diamond introduced in the proposition, this route might be just perfect.

Even when you are not overly keen on parting with all the memory-laden diamond which made you a fiancée, then you could always work together with your jeweler to select or design a reasonable ring that is conducive to updating without sacrificing a lot of its original integrity.

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